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Grade 7 Math Curriculum Information
Here are the things your child will be expected to accomplish during the school year…

  • Students will change between different ways of writing numbers (fractions, decimals and percents)

  • Students will write and solve equations and inequalities - Student will find equations that are equivalent and find a number that makes an equation or inequality true, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division factoring and combining like terms.


  • Students will compare numbers (write and use ratios) to write proportions and equations to solve problems that include: percent problems (tax, discounts, commission, percent increase and  decrease), and problems involving different sized shapes.

  • Develop, compare and use formulas to find the
    • Area (amount of flat space a shape takes up) of flat 2 Dimensional shapes
    • Surface Area (total area of the surface of a 3 dimensional object)
    • Volume (the amount of space inside a figure) of 3 dimensional figures
  • Draw conclusions and compare two populations by calculating the mean, median, mode, range and variability of a group of numbers

  • Draw conclusions and compare two populations by using graphs of the populations i.e. a dot plot (a graph made up of a number line a dots to represent numbers) and histogram (bar graph to represent groups of numbers)

  • Calculate the likelihood of a specific event happening or not happening, represent that likelihood with a number that is between 0 (not likely) and 1 (absolutely likely). Use that number to make a prediction about future events.

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