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Grade 7 English Curriculum Information
Here are the things your child will be expected to accomplish during the school year…
  • Throughout the year in 7th grade students will be looking at the different pieces that make up a community. The texts (books, stories, articles) they read and write will show their understanding of what it means to be part of a community.

  • In the beginning of the year students will look at this idea through the reading of short stories, myths, folktales, and fables .   As they read, they will identify the parts of each type of story.

  • Students will also write a story of their own that models one they have read.  They will be graded using a scoring system known as the Six Traits Rubric .  Students will have time to write and make changes to their work in class under teacher guidance in a process known as conferencing .


  • Winter brings the study of two units for 7th grade students.  The first of which, focuses on craft and structure .  In this unit students will explore the idea of community through various poems and sample memoirs .  After reading several examples of each, students will create their own sample memoir about an important event in their lives.  With teacher guidance and peer support, they will work to add details to their writing.

  • The second unit completed in the unit is a study of informational texts .  In this unit students read articles and online texts to find out more about the world they live in. They will use these texts to practice the skills of summarizing (telling what one has read), paraphrasing (taking an author’s words and restating them into your own) and inferencing (using clues from the reading to draw conclusions and make predictions).  At the end of the unit, students will research an influential individual and present their findings in the form of a letter that recognizes his/her achievements to the community in which they live(d).  
  • In spring, 7th grade students investigate how people in a community are influenced to accept the ideas of others.  They do this by reading several articles about the same topic.  While reading they think about and discuss the author’s viewpoint and any opinions an author may have. Students will also compare and contrast information from these articles in order to form their own opinions.  Finally, they will write a paper supporting this opinion with evidence  (information from the readings: either in the author’s words or their own words).

  • Students will be graded on their writing using a scoring system known as the Six Traits Rubric .  Students will have time to write and make changes to their work in class under teacher guidance as they conference .

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