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Grade 4 Winter Writing
Write at Home
Connect with School Staff
Use Resources
Here are some of the things you can do to help your child learn…
  1. Ask Why
    Ask Why
    When your child expresses his opinion or states his ideas about something, ask him why he thinks that or how he knows it to be true. This will help him learn to support his opinion with reasons and/or facts. Do the same when you express your opinion or ideas about something.
  2. Practice Typing
    Practice Typing
    Provide your child with exposure to typing on a keyboard (using home or library computer).
  3. Email with your Child
    Email with your Child
    Set up an email account for your child and write emails to each other describing your days. Include details, conversations, thoughts and emotions. This can be done in addition to encouraging your child’s use of technology-helping him use it for research, writing and communicating.
  4. Practice Note Taking
    Practice Note Taking
    When you and your child go somewhere like a museum, or when you or child just talks about something interesting, pretend to be reporters and take notes. Both you and your child can take notes and then use those notes to later describe what you learned.
Connect with the School
When you talk to the teacher, do not worry about covering everything. Instead here are some questions that you may want to ask:
  • Can you show me some examples of my child’s writing?
  • Does my child’s writing meet the goals that are expected at this time of year?
  • If my child is not meeting the goals, how can I help at home?
  • Keep the lines of communication open with your child’s teacher
  • Check your child’s agenda nightly
  • Email or call the teacher when you have questions. Try not to wait until parent/teacher conferences if you have concerns about your child’s progress

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