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Grade 4 Spring Math
Play Games
Connect with School Staff
Use Resources
Here are some of the things you can do to help your child learn…
  1. Pet Food Tracking
    Pet Food Tracking
    Measure and track the amount of food your pet eats. Create a chart using graph paper.
  2. Temperature Check
    Temperature Check
    Have your children measure the temperature outside your home and make note of their findings. Compare their results with those of your local weather report.
  3. Run a Relay Race
    Run a Relay Race
    Using a stopwatch or a timer, have your children run a series of relay races. Keep track of the time elapsed for each race and have them predict whether they can beat their fastest times.
  4. Filling Lunchboxes
    Filling Lunchboxes
    Help your children measure the amount of space inside their lunchbox. (volume)
  5. Supervise Homework
    Supervise Homework
    Supervise homework completion.
  6. Measuring with Rulers
    Measuring with Rulers
    Use a ruler to measure objects around the house. Then convert their measurements from centimeters to inches.
Video Resources
The Envision program has parent letters for every math topic.  
  • Home School Connection Topic 13 is about measurement.
  • Home School Connection Topic 15  is about angle measurement.
  • Home School Connection Topic 16[1]  is about lines and shapes.
The Envision program has videos for every single topic. We encourage you to view the Envision videos before searching online. Here a few key videos:
  • Topic 13-1 Equivalence with Customary Units of Length
  • Topic 13- 5 Equivalence with Metric Units of Capacity and Mass
  • Topic 15-2 Understanding Angles and Unit Angles
  • Topic 15-3 Measure with Unit Angles
  • Topic 16-2 Classifying Triangles
  • Topic 16-5 Draw Shapes with Line Symmetry  
Connect with the School
Your child’s teacher is available to answer questions about your child’s progress and what they are learning in class.  Be sure to attend conferences, contact your child’s teacher via email, notes, and/or phone calls.  Be sure to review any work that comes home (corrected papers, classwork or homework) to see what your child is working on in class.

Questions to ask the teacher:
  • Can you show me examples of student work that meets the learning goals?
  • Is my child working on grade level?
  • Does my child know how to problem solve?
  • Does my child persevere and focus during Math Workshop?
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