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Grade 3 Fall Math
Play Games
Connect with School Staff
Use Resources
Here are some of the things you can do to help your child learn…
  1. Ask about the Mini-Lesson
    Ask about the Mini-Lesson
    Ask your child to give you specific examples of what they learned during the day’s mini-lesson.
  2. Ask your Child to Show and Explain
    Ask your Child to Show and Explain
    Ask your child to show and explain to you something he/she learned during the mini-lesson or small group instruction.
  3. Ask about Centers
    Ask about Centers
    Have your child share with you which activity or activities they did in their math center(s) and how the activities helped them to understand the math taught and learned that day.
  4. Ask about a Math Game
    Ask about a Math Game
    Ask your child to teach you a math game that he/she played during math workshop.
  5. Talk about Peer Learning
    Talk about Peer Learning
    Have your child share something they learned from another student.
Here are the vocabulary words that your child should know, be able to write and use when speaking. 
When speaking with your child about math, or asking your child to share their math learning, use the math vocabulary and remind your child to do the same.
Commutative Property of Addition
Associative Property of Addition
Identity Property of Addition
Compatible numbers
Place Value
Inverse operations
Bar diagram
Partial Sums
Partial Differences
Repeat addition
Number line
Connect with the School
Ask to see a sample of your child’s work.

If my child needs extra support or wants to learn more about a subject, are there resources to help his or her learning outside the classroom?

Extra support can always be provided through the teacher’s small group instruction during the math workshop.

Stay in touch through a phone call, email or by requesting to meet with your child’s teacher with any concerns.

Ask the teacher questions such as:
  • Is this piece of work satisfactory?
  • How could it be better?
  • Is my child on track? How can I help my child improve or excel in this area?
  • Talking about math with your child lets him/her know that their education is important.  Let your child know that you, your child and your child’s teacher are a team, working together so that your child can be successful.
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